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``Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!`` ..... Oh Jezus, leave it on!``

Maribynog Council demands small business remove `ofensive` Hillary Clinton mural
By Brode Carmody
Friday, July 29, 2016

Maribyrnong Council has asked a small business in Footscray to take down an "offensive" mural by a renowned Australian street artist featuring US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a swimsuit.
The request comes after the street artist, who goes by the name Lushsux, had his Instagram account deleted after he posted a photo of the mural in question.
The artwork depicts presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a skimpy one-piece swimsuit featuring the colours of the American flag.
Tucked into the bikini is a wad of hundred dollar bills.
The mural is located on the wall of a small business opposite Tottenham train station called Mr Mobility, which sells wheelchairs and electric scooters.
Mr Mobility's owner is currently overseas, but a friend who is minding the business while he is away – who gave her name as Mich – said someone from Maribyrnong Council came into the store this morning and said the Hillary Clinton mural had to go.

"I'm not offended by it and I'm a woman," she said.

"I think it's a beautiful picture. She's got a full bather on and the private parts are covered."

The council worker said if the mural wasn't removed, then council would do it themselves and the small business would have to foot the bill.

Mich says any cost associated with the mural's removal, or any fine that might eventuate from not taking it down, would be a blow to the small business's finances.

"We couldn't afford to pay it," she said.

"It's just ridiculous. I was a bit angry they could come and do that when we've given permission and don't find it offensive. I told him to go waste his time looking at pictures elsewhere and compare it, because to me it's no worse than others around. You see more on TV, more around town."

Mich says councils should be supporting small businesses and local artists, instead of trying to clamp down on things a few people in the community find distasteful.

"This artist is world acclaimed," she said.

"He's a top Australian graffiti artist, he's worked with Banksy, he's been all around the world. They should be proud they've got someone with such talent."

The street artist who made the Hillary Clinton mural, who goes by the name Lushsux, told Fairfax Media this is a "clear case of an out of control council".

"They seem hell bent on trying to screw over people," he said.

" [First] the parking fines mess, then telling people what they can't display on their own property. What's next?

"The mural is about on par offence-wise with a Lynx deodorant ad."

Stephen Wall, chief executive of Maribyrnong Council, confirmed council had asked the business to take down the mural.

He said council had received "a number" of complaints from residents.

"We believe it is offensive because of the depiction of a near naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, in accordance with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007," he said.

"We have asked Footscray VicPol to urgently provide us their opinion on its offensiveness and we intend to issue a Notice to Remove. This will require the owner of the property to remove the mural within 10 days. We have spoken to the owner of the property who has the right to appeal the notice."

``God is this ever boring Hillary! How many times have I seen your thing and twin sisters? Once we`re in the White House and running the country while I`m sleeping on the couch downstairs because of my many White House dalliances ..... we need to focus more on that rotten Trump!``

"Jezus, is this s..t ever boring - shut the f... up Hillary so I can get some sleep!" ..... long crooked fingered sleazy Bill! ..... Donald Trump: "The Clinton's are rotten!"

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Order now and you will receive another pair absolutely free! Show your friends what a good Liberal you are! Only $9.95 ..... includes PST, GST and any other tax the greedy Liberals might throw at you!

Headline: Sex allegations led to Tootoo's ouster from Liberal caucus!

Too much Tootoo. Bye, bye for you!

In this one of the hottest summers on record what does the Wynne government do while everyone is running around with parched throats holding their things .....

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CyberSmokeBlog's line of the day: Carolyn Parish to ....ed off Mississauga Ward 5 constituent: "I am not a punching bag!"

Carolyn Parish

Oh but you are Ms Parish. All politicians are taxpayer punching bags! If you don't like it go get a hair cut and find a real job!
Jezus, that felt good!

The King of Debt meets the Queen of Debt ..... "F... you taxpayers it's now our money to spend as we see fit!"

Taxpayers Federation marks milestone by bringing debt clock to Wynne's doorstep

Toronto Ontario: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation brought the Ontario Debt Clock to the steps of Queen's Park to mark the milestone of becoming the first province to surpass $360 billion in debt.

"Everyone loves watching that moment when all the zeros on their car's odometer roll over and we thought Premier Wynne might enjoy all those zeros of debt she has accumulated turn over today" said CTF Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn. "Now Wynne sees for herself that her government 's ten consecutive deficits have done to our province's debt."
Ontario is the most indebted province in absolute terms. Ontario debt has doubled in the last nine years.

"Debt is often unseen which is why we built a giant clock to make it more visible to politicians and Ontarians. But the truth is seen in cancelled therapy for children with autism,  poor services and rising taxes" continued Van Geyn. For every billion dollars we spend on interest that is money we might have otherwise spent on things with actual value, or kept money in our own pockets to help our own families.
Christine Van Geyn
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Alright who wrote this s...!

Dear CyberSmokeBlog:

I just noticed this link on their website.
Who, I wonder, do they get to write this shit?  I've saved a copy.
Paragraph 3 is a bald denial that Norman Sabourin had a gatekeeper role before the changes they made last summer.
 A key change in the 2015 Review Procedures was the granting of the Executive Director and Senior General Counsel with the authority to determine at the early screening process whether correspondence to the Council appears intended to be a complaint that could warrant consideration. Prior to July 2015it was for the member of the Judicial Conduct Committee to determine whether correspondence sent to Council constituted a complaint or other. By providing the Executive Director with that authority to screen correspondence greater efficiency was introduced. If it is determined that a matter warrants consideration, it is referred to a Chief Justice on the Judicial Conduct Committee.
Chris Budgell, Vancouver, British Columbia
Dear Mr. Self-Rep:
Don't know who wrote that .... but it likely wasn't young "Stormin Norman" Sabourin. He's too busy these days getting ready for Robin "The Bobbin" Camp's ("How high would you like me to jump and in what direction?") public inquiry before the Canadian Judicial Council's Disciplinary Committee in Ottawa at the end of September. Now that should be good for a laugh!

Clare L. Pieuk

Why parents love Pokemon Go 2.1!

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Damnit lady go back and read the 87-page decision of New Brunswick Judge Ronald LeBlanc of April 2016!

Good Day Readers:

Obviously the Old Witch and her Ontario Cabinet colleagues did not read or if they did failed to comprehend the 87-page April 2016 ruling of New Brunswick Provincial Judge Ronald Leblanc.
His Honour Provincial Court Judge Ronald Leblanc

 In his 87-page ruling he clearly states in part:

".....the Fathers of Confederation didn't want trade barriers between provinces that New Brunswick's monopolistic law contravened the Constitution Act of 1867.

Ontario voters and beer drinkers are already being taxed to the nuts and beyond in one of hottest summers in years yet what does the Wynn government and its brilliant Cabinet Ministers do? That's right continue to increase the price of beer while maintaining a monopolistic beer distribution system (Brewers Retail Stores) that are right out of the Stalinist era. "Uncle Joe" would be so proud!
What to do?

Begin by contacting the Premier's Office ( to let her know what you think of her government's greedy decision to increase the tax on beer while running roughshod over Judge LeBlanc's earlier decision (

CyberSmokeBlog will be sending a copy of this posting to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation encouraging it to challenge Ontario's unconstitutional increase in beer prices. This decision should be imminently challengeable and winnable.

Clare L. Pieuk

P.S. All together now, "Down with Wynne! Down with Wynne! Down with Wynne! ....."

American style Pokemon Go ..... 'Get the ...k out of here or I'll shoot!"

By Michael Geist Yesterday |
Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. He can reached at or online at

Pokémon Go Brings New ‘Augmented Reality’ Legal Issues to Light

Not to mention the whole issue of trespassing. Play safe, kids.

By Michael Geist Yesterday |
Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. He can reached at or online at

Pokemon Go uses smartphones to identify players' physical location with the goal of collecting and training virtual characters located there. Illustration Sam Mirovich, Reuters Media Express.

The makers of Pokémon Go are forthright about their collection and use of personal data that may be shared with service providers and third parties, though the terms of use policy has generated criticism over a 30-day period to opt-out of mandatory arbitration over potential disputes. The privacy policy indicates that sharing of information with third parties, which may include marketers or other businesses, will be limited to aggregated data that can then be used for research, analysis, and demographic profiling.

Opt-ins for email, data sharing

While the Pokémon Go privacy policy offers few choices, there are two notable exceptions that highlight how laws can make a difference. The policy distinguishes between U.S. and European users for commercial email, with U.S. users automatically registered for emails unless they take steps to opt-out, while European users provided with the stronger safeguard of an opt-in approach. Once the service formally launches in Canada, users will presumably be offered the higher standard of protection due to Canadian anti-spam laws.

Similarly, the policy provides the option of opting out of data transfers to the U.S. (though with the warning that some services may be unavailable for those that do so). The choice of “localizing” personal information reflects mounting concerns with U.S. surveillance activities and may signal increasing demand from the public to have the choice of having their data kept outside that country.

The privacy issues, including concerns over initial settings that shared detailed Google account information with the company, prompted U.S. Senator Al Franken to demand public answers on the privacy practices. The Google information sharing setting has since been altered, but even more interesting may be the Pokémon Go issues that are unique to games that blend the real and virtual.

Trespassing a risk

For example, trespass laws may arise as players find themselves wandering into private spaces in search of virtual characters. For instance, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery have both requested that players refrain from catching characters there.

There are also reports of potential physical harm for players as they visit places that may be unsafe or unknown. The Pokémon Go terms unsurprisingly state that the company disclaims all liability for any property damage or personal injury, but the foreseeability of potential harm suggests that these terms may ultimately face legal challenge.

The use of augmented reality is at a very early stage, but given the massive popularity of Pokémon Go, there is every reason to believe that the technology – and the legal issues that come with it – are here to stay.

Read more: Rights + Justice, Science + Tech

Hillary for Prison ..... Bill too!!